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Behike  35

Cohiba Behike is the Bentley of the most prestigious brand. 

The production is extremely limited and exclusive. For the first time it incorporates the tobacco leaf "Medio tiempo" , which offers exceptional character and flavor.

Hoyo de Monterre 30

The flavour of Hoyo de Monterrey’s blend makes it an attractive choice for those who seek a delicate yet aromatic Habano that is lighter to the taste but with great elegance and complexity.

Behike 56 40

The production is extremely limited and exclusive.  The filler is made up of the finest leaves from Volado, Seco and Ligero originating from the finest Vegas of San Juan y Martinez and San Luis. Also for the first time, it incorporates the Medio Tiempo that comes only from the two top leaves on sun-grown plants delivering exceptional character and taste.

Cohiba 2000  20

This figurado is dark and oily. It has a perfect draw and great aroma. Flavors of cedar, earth and leather.

Nutmeg and cinnamon notes at the finish.


SIGLO IV - Slightly shorter than its predecessor, the Cohiba Siglo IV Cigar delivers a rounded smoke packed with plenty of enticing aromas. Like all Cohiba cigars, Siglo IV is entirely made by hand using only high-quality tobacco leaves from Cuba's most prominent tobacco plantations.

Romeo & Juliet  35

Romeo y Julieta cigars are renowned for their rich taste, high quality, and affordable price. This classic, Cuban heritage brand is expertly handcrafted in The Dominican Republic with choice, cedar-aged Dominican long-filler tobaccos flawlessly rolled in silky, fragrant Indonesian TBN (shade-grown) wrappers. The smoke is smooth, creamy, and medium in body with excellent balance and a note of sweet spice on the finish. 

Partagas  35

Partagas cigars began in Havana, Cuba in 1845. For years, their premium Cuban cigars were some of the bestsellers in the world. Although these original Cuban blends were highly-rated, the best was yet to come from Partagas. Today, Partagas cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic, and although they are in a new factory, this brand never forgot its Cuban roots. As their slogan conveys, this factory is now responsible for “the richest cigars in the world.” This Cameroon-wrapped, Cuban-esque blend easily lives up to that name. Light one up, and you’ll taste a robust blend of sweet natural tobacco, cedar, and earth. These cigars are smooth, making them perfect for anytime of the day.

Montecristo  40

Each rich-tasting cigar sports impeccable construction with a silky, golden wrapper that burns beautifully, a marvelously smooth aroma, and the creamy finish tells you you're smoking one of the world's great cigars.  Incredibly toasty and woody upfront. A slight creaminess and nuttiness in the background and a subtle hint of coffee with a peppery finish. Base flavors: Cedar, toffee, cashews, spice, coffee, and citrus. Retrohale: A peppery spice, cedar, coffee, and a citrus tang

H. Upmann  40

H.Upmann Magnum 56 EL 2015 is a limited edition release of the brand from 2015. The cigar comes in a Double Robusto shape, a large length and a gauge size of 56. The exterior shows the premium work and experience of the brand, having an elegant brown and a soft touch. The strength of the cigar is medium to full and the first and second part have a rich spicy and musk aroma. The last part has a deep coffee bean taste.


Cigar Punch  5

V Cutter  9

Straight Cutter  6

Mini Torch  10

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