20% auto-gratuity added to all tobacco/food/beverages.

Hookah service is ONLY available outdoors, and if weather permits...Please ask your server for details.

we are a cashless establishment


Up to (2) Flavors




Blue Viper Blueberry

Hurricane Mixed Fruit

Hydroponics Peach

Tropical Storm Mango

Blue Raspberry

Candy Watermelon

Kali Drizzle

Double Apple

Molly Mint

We are not responsible of any burns, resulting from touching the charcoal or the metal piece.  Any broken hookah, customer will pay for damages.

Must be 18+ to smoke Hookah.  Legal ID required at all times. 

A hookah is to be puffed and not inhaled.  We reserve the right to refuse service if there is suspicion of abuse and improper use.  Smoking hookah is harmful to your health and is not a safe alternative to other methods of smoking.