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elevated tapas



Aye Tea Elle Elevated Tapas is the result of pairing unrelenting desire with an unapologetic approach. This philosophy takes honest ingredients and elevates them to be splendidly elegant.  We offer a diverse menu of sinfully tasty foods to fill any appetite, serving elevated tapas, succulent entrees and delectable desserts. As a complement to any great meal, we offer an array of entertainment to create an experience few see in Atlanta.


Founded by 3 best friends that met in elementary school in Southwest Atlanta, with an entertainment and hospitality background.  Our menu is a symbol of America’s melting pot of cultural diversity. You will find southern dishes, midwestern, east-coast, and southern dishes; each selected to tantalize the taste buds. With advisory council by serial restaurant entrepreneurs from Atlanta, California and New York City, we will maintain that diversity and deliver a truly unique experience.



Our mission is to provide excellent quality food and delicious craft cocktails at reasonable prices. Additionally, as a restaurant-venue providing nightly entertainment, we will create an experience that gives the customer an unforgettable evening time and time again.


It is our vision to become the leading upscale small restaurant-venue in metro communities, incorporate pre-packaged plans for private events, birthdays, business functions, etc.., and become a franchise nationwide by 2027.

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