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Aye Tea Elle is the result of pairing unrelenting desire with an unapologetic approach. This philosophy takes honest ingredients and elevates them to be splendidly elegant. 


All of our food is cooked to order please allow for proper cooking time.

20%  auto gratuity charge added to all food/drink purchases

Brunch Menu

we are a cashless establishment

Please inform your server of any food allergies or restrictions before you order any food from our menu.

* Menu is subject to change and availability

**No Substitutions Policy**

While modifications & substitutions may seem easy to accommodate, these requests compromise the unique characteristics of our food & the efficiency of our service.

Thank you for understanding


Strawberry Spinach Kale 14

cucumber, tomato, feta

Salmon 9

Shrimp 7

Seasonal Fruit Bowl 6

Fried Green Tomatoes  12

Salmon Croquettes (3) 15

Breakfast Flatbread 14

scrambled eggs, cheese, tomato,

spinach,  & chicken sausage


 12 and under only

French Toast Stix (5) 8

French Toast Stix (3) 12

scrambled eggs, chicken sausage (1) or bacon (2)

Waffle Breakfast  12

half waffle, scrambled eggs, chicken sausage (1)  or bacon (2)

Waffle (a la carte)  6

Red Velvet Waffle  (a la carte)  8

with cream cheese drizzle


Challah French Toast  15

with strawberry compote

Red Snapper Fillet 25

served with grits

Salmon Croquet (2) 25

served with grits and scrambled eggs

Shrimp n Grits 25

Chicken & Waffles Skewers 20

Lamb Lollipops 35 
with eggs & roasted potatoes

Fried Lobster Tail  35

with roasted potatoes

Salmon BLT 22

Fried Lobster Tail 30

(a la carte)


Waffle (a la carte)  6

Red Velvet Waffle  (a la carte)  8

with cream cheese drizzle

Biscuits (2) 4

Scrambled Eggs 5

Cheddar 1

Chicken Sausage (2) 5

Bacon (3) 6

Fried Eggs 5

Grits 4

Cheese Grits 6

Seafood Mac n Cheez 18

Chicken Strips (2) 5

Speciality Cocktails

1 Hour Bottomless Mimosas 60

Champagne, Choice of (2) Cranberry, Pineapple, Orange Juice

Bellinis 14

(Peach or Mango Puree + Prosecco)

Bloody Mary 14

(Classic or Spicy + Tito's Vodka) 

Crown Service 14

(Crown Apple, Chambord, Lemon Juice, Champagne)

Espresso Martinis 14

(Espresso, Baileys, Tito's Vodka)

Sunday Stroll 16

(Hennessy Black, Lime Juice, Orange Marmalade)


Coffee 4
Espresso 8

Hot Tea 4
Fiji Bottled Water 4
Pelligrino Sparkling Water 6

Coke 4
Diet Coke 4
Sprite 4

Lemonade 4
Ginger Ale 4

Orange Juice 4
Cranberry Juice 4
Apple Juice 4
Pineapple Juice


Sexy Chocolate 12

Mouth watering warm dark chocolate brownie, dense an gooey served ala mode with vanilla bean ice cream,

whipped cream and berries

Butta Love  9 
Butter Pound Cake
with Bourbon Caramel Drizzle

NY Cheesecake 9 
with strawberries

Fried Cheesecake Bites 9

with dark rum drizzle

Aye Tea Elle offers food dishes with seafood and shellfish. We cannot guarantee that any item is safe to consume for patrons with any seafood or shellfish allergies.

Raw and or undercooked food may be hazardous to your health.